Friday, September 13


As I am currently in London for four months, I have set up some kind of journal on Tumblr following my every twattish move around this exhilarating, never-failing-to-inspire-and-amaze city. It is called One Hundred and Five Days of London (what else? in all honesty, my inspiration was obviously lacking but it seemed fitting). If you're curious about my (so far fairly unfascinating) life in London, head on over to Tumblr.

All the love, always.

Wednesday, October 3

Lacoste Love

(Lacoste L!ve striped dress and Zara lace-up wedges)

I already told you that I can't get enough of Lacoste right now. If you would've told me two years ago that I would ever own a dress, let alone two by Lacoste I would not have believed you. But there's something about their Lacoste L!ve line that really appeals to me and here I am, head over heels for all things Lacoste. This dress is one of the things I bought in London when we spent the day wandering around Shoreditch. I had seen it online and in real life before and I knew that I had to have it this time. If I'm being completely honest here, I have to admit that I purposefully went looking for it. Less wandering, more carefully planned turns and directions. Now why do I love it so much? It sort of reunites my old love for all things collars with the way I like to dress nowadays. I know peter pan collars are a common high street trope, especially this season but I don't think I'M entirely biased when I say that this particular collared dress feels a lot more current, like some sort of updated version of the trend. Maybe I really am biased. What are your thoughts?

Let's move on to my life feed then. Sadly enough I still don't own a smartphone and thus you'll have to take my word for it but at the moment I'm settling back into uni life. This pretty much involves stocking up on yellow markers, lots of coffee dates (imagine all those lattes I could have instagrammed) and the second best spaghetti bolognese in the world for the meagre sum of 3 euros. And the occasional classes too, of course. Life is good right now. - x

P.S. Thanks for all the London post love.

Friday, September 28

Tales of London, Day One & Two

I feel like everyone and their mother - or, let's not exaggerate, some Facebook friends and Belgium's blogger elite - was in London in September. So if you're feeling overwhelmed at the thought of yet another hip chick (well...) detailing her adventures in Shoreditch, do know that I feel the same way. I got back home last Friday night to a feed full of London, London and yes, more London. 

Still, please bear with me as I rave and ramble on about the likes of Islington, Primrose Hill, Saatchi Gallery, sharing a room with twenty other girls, really good guacamole, chain restaurants and all other things London.

I left for London only a couple of hours after the wedding had ended and arrived on Sunday afternoon in - quite frankly - a state of mild panic. Reason for my anxiety: hardly any of the Underground lines were operating and I had absolutely no clue how to get to my hostel otherwise. After some wrong stops and confused texts I had no other choice but to call Julie and ask her to come find me. She did, eventually and at last, Fundon 2012 was a fact!

First thing we did? Scour the floors of the Topshop mothership on Oxford Circus. This as we were swooning over the J.W. Anderson x Topshop collection and all its little trinkets. After what must have almost been two hours, we scored our first purchases. Overwhelmed by the madness at Topshop (an instore cupcake bar, really?), we headed straight to the Big Ben like just about every other proper tourist. We took in all the sights and just revelled in the fact that we were in London.

We wandered around Covent Garden for a bit, had Italian for dinner at what was unbeknownst to us just another chain restaurant. That same evening - and in the week to come - we would keep running into the same chain restaurants over and over again. The whole of London seems to be a brand of something. Finally, close to midnight, we headed back to our A+ hostel, Palmers Lodge in Swiss Cottage.

 On Monday we started off our day at the National Gallery where I treated myself to a little gift: a beautifully illustrated children's book called This is London. Julie shared some of her travel wisdom with me about lunch: just buy some French bread, sit down in a park somewhere, anywhere really, and save truckloads of money. Done. Honestly, after hours of walking around, nothing would have tasted better than our daily guacamole and houmous from Waitrose. On Monday we decided to head out all the way to Primrose Hill to have lunch. With a view. I had never been to this neighbourhood before but I couldn't help but love it, even in all of its unapologetic bourgeoisness. Primrose Hill itself was mostly deserted except for the nannies strolling around with their prams and us two, eating our lunch deliriously. 

As by sheer luck, we stumbled onto the Primrose Bakery on our way to Camden. Even though we had only finished gorging on bread and guacamole a while ago, we could not pass up on the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and a cupcake at this lovely little place. It was a quiet Monday afternoon. We sat there sipping our coffees as we observed all the schoolchildren and their mothers pass by on their way home. If there is such a thing as pure bliss, this must have been it.

Camden, on the other hand, never has been and never will be my thing. It's too loud, too in your face. The market at Camden Lock is basically one stall after another selling the exact same seven dresses and even worse, YOLO-printed leggings. I kid you not. One of the best things about this trip was that my friend Julie and I were on the exact same page all the time. She also wasn't feeling the Camden vibe at all. Needless to say, it didn't take long before we left there.

Later that evening, we dressed up a bit more sharply and headed out for delicious burgers and fries at Byron near Trafalgar Square. Another chain restaurant but every branch has its distinct own style and interior and the hamburgers were just so good that I won't fret over it too long.

Original dining tips is not something you'll get out of these London posts, I'm afraid. Still, I sincerely hope you enjoyed this one because there are two more coming up in the next week or so. Love, always - x

Thursday, September 13

From Nice to London

I'm at it again with a completely gratuitious photo of myself staring all mysteriously at you through your screen, runny mascara included. I've been in a blogging stupor over the summer but as the academic year approaches again, I predict that I'll feel like updating a lot more. Every blog, even the ones with as little a following as mine, needs some serious TLC in a while. Therefore, some good ole blog TLC is pretty high on my priority list.

But you know what's higher on that list right now? My cousin Mark's wedding in a village near Cannes this Saturday. My brother and I fly over there (we leave in half an hour - squeal!) tonight and we'll be staying in Nice for some days. And you know what's almost equally awesome? After my stay in Nice I'm flying over to London where I'll meet up with Julie, who will have bravely travelled from Brussels to London on her own. I'll get to be in my favourite city for six days. Six days of exploring vintage shops, coffee bars, little markets, museums, parks and hipster hangouts with one of my best friends. Sounds pretty great, right? An epic ending to a not so epic summer on my part. Just what I needed. You'll hear from me soon enough. Thanks for sticking around, always - x

Thursday, August 30

I Want You

...but I can't have you. Oh you gorgeous Les Prairies de Paris overall, the things you do to me. I've been lusting - literally - over these overalls for a good week now (which is in fact not that long but bear with me, will ya). Sadly enough I've done the math and there's no way I'll be buying it. It's not that I can't afford it right now but when I add up what I've spent on clothes these last two months, a fricking overall with sailboats on it seems highly unreasonable. Even though it is probably - no, definitely - the cutest item of clothing that was ever covered in sailboats and palm trees. 

Sometimes, things are just meant to stay on your wishlist forever. Just let me revel in its gloriousness for another minute or so and I'll be ready to move on to greater and more exciting things (A wedding in Cannes! A trip to London!) - x