Thursday, December 22

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ASOS embellished dress and chunky Zara knit

Yes, it's mine. I blogged about this stunning dress in November and after it went on sale in December, I finally racked up the courage to order it. I cannot describe how beautiful it is in person. It flickers, 'nuff said! And the knitted sweater might even be a better purchase right now. I've already worn it with a very hoochy leopard skirt and cuffed black skinny jean with ankle boots since I bought it on Monday and I'll probably be living in it until February.

Jeffrey Eugenides - The Marriage Plot

I read a lot  of great works this semester, from Balzac to Shakespeare and back. While I thoroughly enjoyed most of it (The Faerie Queene = no me gusta, at all), I haven't been able to read a book on my own for months now. My mom and I picked up 'The Marriage Plot' on Monday and I couldn't be happier about it. It almost trumps my new clothes. First off, I love Jeffrey Eugenides. It's about an English major at Brown in the 80s. I'm an English student!? How more perfect can things get? 'The Marriage Plot' will be my best friend during breaks of what will be non-stop revision from Saturday onwards until February. - x


auxpaysdesmerveilles said...

Hoe fijn zit die trui eruit! Ook een zalig kleedje!
Succes met de blok!

Rebecca said...

You got the dress!! Ahh, it's so pretty, and it's always amazing to get something when you've wanted it for ages (: And I've only read the Virgin Suicides by Eugenides, but I've a Waterstones voucher left unspent in my

Lens & anything Else said...

great dreamy....


- said...

Dat kleedje is echt heel mooi!
(en de trui ziet er lekker warm uit, perfect bij zo'n (veel te) koud weer.

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love that sweater!

Miranda / Summertime Den said...

Wauw wauw wauw! Wat een mooi jurkje!

Jo said...

Ohh, the dress looks truly incredible! <3 I love love love that print!

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Steph said...

Sounds like an interesting read - I'm a sucker for books set at colleges and universities (actually wrote my master's thesis about them!)

As far as my studies in American Lit go: do it do it do it. They don't have 'Germaanse' anymore, but just go for anything that exposes you to as much English and American literature and culture as possible. You'll love it. And you'll learn lots of stuff that might not seem like you'll need it later on in life, but you do :)

If you have any other good book tips, let me know!