Thursday, December 8


Diana F+ camera bag via Urban Outfitters, A Very She & Him Christmas, 

Hi there - I'm sure you all picked up on the Christmas tree analogy (of which all credit goes to Madewell) and already know what time it is: gift list time! I have never made any kind of Christmas wishlist, so I definitely feel like a special snowflake today but if I got any of these things on the 25th, I'd feel extra special. It's all very colour-coordinated and season-appropriate but that's half the fun, ain't it? If by chance, any family member would be reading this, please note that the camera bag and gloves are at the top of my Christmas list food chain hierarchy. Just thought I'd point that out...very subtly... - x

P.S. I think the title refers to a Fairly Odd Parents episode. Now that was a cartoon with educational value and philosophical wisdom!


auxpaysdesmerveilles said...

Fijn verlanglijstje, die cameratas is echt heel mooi. Ik zou ook eens aan mijn lijstje moeten beginnen!

heart in a cage said...

Fairly Odd Parents, Avatar en Phineas & Ferb zijn echt de leukste tekenfilms ooit!
Ik geloof niet dat we aan Kerst doen aangezien we een paar cadeautjes kregen voor Sinterklaas, helaas. ;)