Wednesday, March 7

Momentary Bliss

(Giles and Dries Van Noten AW12 via Backstage Firstlooks)

Yes I'm still very much alive! I have been busy doing...I'm not sure what exactly. This semester at university has been very linguistics-oriented so far and I have been feeling very...inert. It feels like they lured you in with literature and historical criticism and now that you're fully in shit starts to get serious.

Whilst in this vegetative state of mine, I have kept track of some shows during all of the combined fashion weeks. But while clicking endlessly through isn't all that interesting, reposting them here would be even more redundant. I always get the feeling that I'm supposed to check out every collection in order to be on top of things. It's not like I get the references or even remember what a certain designer did for Winter three years ago. Still, it feels as if, when I don't do this, my interest in fashion in general loses its validity. Does anyone recognize this feeling?

But there's an in-between for everything and two things have kept me sane during this little existential crisis: Backstage Firstlooks, which offers a way more intriguing perspective on the clothes and the models, and the utterly charismatic Garance DorĂ© with her Pardon My French series. And when all else falters, there's always Natalie Joos to keep you entertained with her wit and her chameleon sense of style. Have a look! - x


Natalie Suarez said...

wow! so so beautiful! xx

Rebecca said...

I kind of get that I ought to look at, but I'm in such a similar zoned out state in regards to uni that I simply can't even bring myself to! Hope everything's fine on your course, things seem to be getting more difficult for me too - boo. xx

lies said...

ja vind ik ook!
mooie dingen heb je de laatste tijd gepost :)